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A Chiefs fan's worst Broncos memory

Joel from Arrowhead Pride shares his worst Broncos memory.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Spor

I remember it was a Sunday. I was in eighth grade working on my Science Fair project. We were just about to return to school after Christmas break and being the procrastinator I am I waited until the last minute to do it. Unfortunately for my Science fair partner, who did not like football, I was a huge fan of the Chiefs and they happened to be playing a really important playoff game against the Broncos. So he worked on the project while I acted like I was working on the project but really just watching the game.

I was old enough by this point to understand that the Chiefs were coming up on what might be their last opportunity to make a playoff run. The quarterback was an issue (some things never change) but the Chiefs were fifth in points scored and second in points allowed that season. They were legit.

I was old enough to understand that John Elway was the enemy. In fact, it wasn't until I was 18 and moved off to college that I realized not everyone hated John Elway. People actually liked him! This was pre-24/7 NFL coverage, by the way.

The Chiefs lost the game, 14-10. It's a bit of a blur (besides Tony Gonzalez keeping his feet IN BOUNDS!). Sunday night, after your team's season is over and knowing you have a big Science Fair project due the next day, is one of the most depressing feelings. I can think back to the moment this game ended and feeling so, so deflated. It was one of my very first heartbreaking moments as a sports fan. And, yes, the heartbreak has continued for the 16 seasons following that.