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Denver Broncos News: Horse Tracks - Pick 'em

Good morning Broncos Country!

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Miami @ Buffalo

Hopefully CJ Spiller has a large game fantasy wise. In real-life though, the Dolphins should be riding high after demolishing New England in the 2nd half last week. With consistent play from the QB position, Miami could surprise in the East.

Dolphins win 23-10

Detroit @ Carolina

Did you know that Matthew Stafford has only won 2 games in his career against teams that were .500 or better? Well, today he notches win #3.

Lions win 34-17

Atlanta @ Cincinnati

An early matchup between two teams that figure to be in their conferences' respective playoff pictures. Go Atlanta!

Falcons win 24-23

New Orleans @ Cleveland

Coach Mike Pettine debuts the Johnny Football package. Essentially, Manziel scrambles around for about 10 seconds, gets sacked, and flips off the Saints bench as his teammates help him off the ground--it's really quite brilliant!

New Orleans wins 38-7

New England @ Minnesota

Bill Belichick sold off the last piece of his soul and as a result the crappy New England run defense does not have to face Adrian Peterson. This just in! Brady still sucks.

Patriots win with the assist going to Satan 6-3

Arizona @ New York Giants

I still can't believe Eli comes from the same gene pool as Peyton.

Cardinals win 27-16

Dallas @ Tennessee

In a money grab, Tony Romo accuses Jerry Jones of sexual harassment after throwing 3 picks.

Titans win 20-13

Jacksonville @ Washington

I think it's against the law to say "Redskin" so I'll choose the Jaguars instead. God I hope Peta doesn't find out where I live!

Jaguars win 3-2

Seattle @ San Diego

Phillip Rivers throws at Richard Sherman who notches his first two interceptions on the season.

Seahawks do Broncos a solid 31-21

St. Louis @ Tampa Bay

Both teams agree to leave their offense on the sideline. In a defense vs. defense trench war, both teams play to a stalemate.

Tie 0-0

Kansas City @ Denver

Brock Osweiler takes over at halftime as the Broncos starters start to prepare for Seattle

Broncos win 42-6

New York Jets @ Green Bay

With the game on the line, Eric Decker gets tackled once again by that pesky turfmonster in the open field. On the ensuing play, Geno Smith hands it off to Chris Ivory who promptly butt fumbles into the ass of the right guard.

Packers win 27-26

Houston @ Oakland

David Carr pops his cherry and has to be carried off the field by teammates. Matt Schaub comes in the game and throws a Romo to JJ Watt.

Texans win 14-3

Chicago @ San Francisco

With absolutely no pass rush, Jay Cutler unleashes a flurry of passes of his back foot into the Niner secondary. Fortunately for him both his receivers have the catch radius of about 50 ft.

Bears win 21-17

Philadelphia @ Indianapolis

The Colts open up the season a disappointing 0-2. After the game Luck vows to eat Jim Irsay's children.

Eagles win 38-20

Horse Tracks

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Former Broncos wide receiver Eric Decker recounted to The New York Post the most memorable prank Peyton Manning pulled on him while they were teammates.

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In 1965, Dan Reeves, an undrafted free-agent quarterback out of the University of South Carolina, was signed by the Dallas Cowboys, who intended to convert him into a safety.

Rahim Moore's studious approach to playing football began long before he joined Broncos - The Denver Post Rahim Moore has come a long way from blowing a game against the Baltimore Ravens in 2012 and nearly losing his left leg to compartment syndrome in 2013.

Broncos looking to be ruthless finishers
After an uneven debut against the Colts, the Broncos are looking to "step on the throats" of opponents moving forward.

Breaking down the Chiefs offense
Jamaal Charles touched the football just 11 times in Week 1. Expect that to change in Week 2.

Breaking down the Chiefs defense
Derrick Johnson's season-ending torn Achilles deals a blow to the Chiefs' run defense, but their edge pass rushers can still wreak havoc.

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The three inductees to the Ring of Fame this weekend — Gene Mingo, Rick Upchurch and Dan Reeves — spoke with fans on a conference call Friday afternoon to take questions.

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The Broncos' chances of success rest on keeping Jamaal Charles in check and limiting the opportunities for Kansas City's pass rush to wreak havoc.