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Chiefs' Kevin Vickerson: We're going to get the Broncos next time

Kevin Vickerson's decision to sign with the Chiefs was a "business decision" that was all personal.

Doug Pensinger

Kevin Vickerson said the Denver Broncos made a business decision when they released him two weeks ago.

"And it was a business decision by me to come to Kansas City, so I can play these guys twice," Vickerson said, making it clear: his "business decision" was anything but.

The Chiefs went toe-to-toe with the Broncos in Week 2, holding Peyton Manning and company without a touchdown in the second half and forcing the Broncos to win with a fourth quarter, fourth down, goal line stand. The outcome of that game has invigorated Vickerson and the Chiefs as they look forward to their rematch with Denver in Week 13.

"We're going to do a split," Vickerson said. "They got us this one, but we're going to get them next time."

Vickerson made his homecoming felt early. On his first play of the game, late in the first quarter, Vickerson lined up opposite right tackle Chris Clark. With a quick, powerful hand swipe, he used Clark's momentum against him to send the 315-lbs. lineman to the ground, blazing through the line of scrimmage virtually unblocked to tackle Montee Ball for a two-yard loss. Vickerson's move was so perfect it was as if he knew the play was coming.

Apparently he did.

Still, Vickerson said he didn't have much to offer as far as insight goes, a statement that rang true with his inability to reveal the secrets of Peyton Manning's "Omaha!" to coach Andy Reid earlier in the week.

"[The Broncos] are true to the tape," Vickerson said. "I told the guys what I knew, and it stood true."

Vickerson's signing felt dangerous the moment it was announced. Forget women; hell hath no fury like a defensive tackle scorned.

"We are going to play these guys twice," Vickerson said. "I got another shot at them."

And just like Clark bounced back to not allow Vickerson another tackle in the game, the Broncos learned their lesson and will be ready.