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Horse Tracks: What's going on with the Denver Broncos defense?

With the Denver Broncos surviving a sloppy game against the Kansas City Chiefs to win 24-17, there are some questions about the defense now.

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Dustin Bradford

With the Denver Broncos hitting the road to face the Seattle Seahawks, many of us fans are deeply concerned about the mental breakdowns on both offense and defense in the first two week of the NFL season. In the first regular season rematch of Super Bowl opponents in the following year since 1997, this is a huge game for the fans at least. I am sure it is for the players as well, because who doesn't want to get that filthy 35 point taste out of their mouths?

I suppose my problem is how flippant Coach John Fox appears to be about everything. When asked about the discipline of the team today he replied, "Disciplined enough for a second week in a row to get a fourth-down stop to save the game in a one-possession game. So, disciplined enough for that."

That could just be coachspeak and behind closed doors he is addressing the obvious. At least I hope so, otherwise, I could be very annoyed. He also coined a term I've never heard before called "ball-possession defense", which was his way of crediting the defense for playing good defense. I think.

I'm not sure though because the question asked was about the offense having to watch that 10-minute third quarter drive by the Chiefs. To which Fox answers, "That’s ball-possession defense. All 10 minutes with no points. In all seriousness, that team struggled last week on third down. I’d say it’s fair to say, like any very competitive people, they worked very hard at it. Hats off to them for executing like they did today."

Dare I agree and say yes, the Chiefs worked hard all week on third downs.. which means the Broncos must have not given a crap all week to give up the most third and long conversions I've seen since the tail end of the Mike Shanahan era.

Speaking of third downs, what say you Nate Irving?

"Yeah, the offside and letting them complete third-and-longs on us, we have to go back and look at things on film to see where we messed up at."

Good, that is definitely a must. You all let the Chiefs convert 68% of their third downs, which almost lost the game. I'll give you credit though, because the Chiefs were 0/1 on fourth downs and really that was the one that mattered. Thank you Terrance Knighton wherever you are!

DeMarcus Ware appears to like the bend but don't break mentality, but I personally hate it. He used it twice last night in the post-game interviews. The first time was a question about how the defense has fared through the first two games and to which he responded, "It’s a bend-not-break attitude. There were some times where we didn’t play perfect, but it’s a 60-minute game. You always want to be out there and let the defense win those types of games. You don’t want it to be that close. We did what we needed to do to get that ‘W,’ but we didn’t play the game that we wanted to play, but we played a good enough game to win."

Whatever is said, this defense has some work to do before us fans can trust them to get the job done on a consistent basis. Coming up with goal line stands every game to secure victories is something that simply isn't sustainable in the long run.

All that said and complained about, the Chiefs still only scored 7 points in that atrocious second half. This defense is apparently taking this whole "bend but don't break" philosophy to entirely new levels.

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