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Broncos fans start petition to ban CBS' Phil Simms from Broncos broadcasts

It's gotten that bad.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Denver Broncos fans have dealt with the perceived bias of CBS analyst Phil Simms for years. I've always tolerated it - fans often claim an analyst or ref is biased, and being an objective color commentator is difficult when you're rooting for close games.

But now that Denver has Peyton Manning, and the Broncos are ratings juggernauts, CBS has decided to make them their afternoon game featuring their #1 crew of Jim Nantz and Simms virtually every week. It's all Simms, all the time.

And it's torture for Broncos fans.

It appears Simms is truly unable to call a fair, unbiased game when the Broncos play. Virtually every penalty or near-penalty or close call under review in Sunday's victory over the Chiefs provided Simms a soapbox to argue in Kansas City's favor. Even when the refs reviewed a call in Denver's favor, Simms still disagreed. It came off whiny and, yes, biased.

The words, "I'm not sitting here rooting for the Kansas City Chiefs, but..." came out of his mouth. When you have to justify your next sentence with that type of disclaimer... you're rooting against Denver.

"The People of Denver" have spoken and started a petition on to have Simms banned from Broncos games. It received nearly 100 signatures in its first five minutes. As of Monday morning, the petition has over 3,000 signatures. Their goal is 5,000 signatures. Update: The petition received 24,000 new signatures in the 24 hours after this story published.

Petition by

The People Of Denver

We do not know why he is assigned to the Broncos games every year. It is sure and complete torture for Bronco Fans to have to listen to his biased drivel every week. Please sign this petition so our voice can be heard. We are tired of Phil Simms in Denver!

If you'd like to sign the petition, click here. Enough of Simms' bias ruining Broncos games for Broncos fans.

Editor's note: We originally incorrectly quoted Simms as saying, "I'm not rooting against the Denver Broncos, but...". Semantics. We apologize for the misquote.