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Bend but don't break is broken

After a 24-17 divisional victory, one should just be happy that the Broncos won the game, right? Wrong.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports
"Never apologize for getting wins in this league, men" - John Fox

I agree, you shouldn't apologize for a win. In the end, the Broncos are 2-0 heading into a rematch with the defending Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks. Winning isn't the issue though, they way the Broncos did it remains the focal point. It took a goal-line stand on 4th down to take down a team who basically fielded it's JV squad. No Jamal Charles, no Eric Berry, no Derrick Johnson, a collection of nobodies on the offensive line. The Broncos had this team dead to rights at halftime, then the losing attitude of Broncos leadership took over and we end up with a game.

What exactly is this losing attitude I speak of?

It's the attitude adopted by Jack Del Rio and the defense that bend but don't break is the way to protect a two or three score lead. You know Indy and the Colts almost came back in similar fashion the week before on the wings of the same line of thinking?

The Broncos have arguably one of the most talented rosters in the NFL. Defensively, this team is so much better than bend but don't break.

This is what the Broncos should be apologizing for.

They are keeping teams in the game that have no business competing on their level. Bend but don't break buys you 3rd down conversion after 3rd down conversion, after 3rd down conversion.

Bend but don't break takes the talent on your team and reduces it until there is no more competitive edge. It allows the game of football--so wrought week to week by the whims of chance and luck that we get the term "any given Sunday" to become a crap shoot whose outcome is determined by luck.

Bend but don't break allows a team to play keep away from an offense that can score at anytime. You know how many 2nd half opportunities the Broncos offense had? Two. Two drives. That's what bend but don't break gets you, a couple of Kansas City drives that consume a total of about 17 minutes off the clock.

Bend but don't break keeps your team from developing the killer instinct necessary to win a championship.

The Broncos are still a soft team that has no business being soft. Haven't they learned yet?

When fans try to tell you that a win is a win, don't believe it. The way a team is winning is just as important as the outcome. Two weeks in a row, the Broncos let teams back into the game that had no business being there. Two weeks in a row it took a 4th down stand to end it. They are playing with fire. They are banking on the other team not being able to make a crucial play with the game on the line.

The Denver Broncos as of right now are soft. Plain and simple--and it starts from the top.

John Fox and Jack Del Rio have no idea that their style of coaching is infecting this team with a "good enough" attitude.

You know what "good enough" gets you? Bad preparation and 43-8.

I'm here to tell whoever will listen that the Broncos simply aren't going to cut it by continuing to operate under the status quo.

Big changes need to happen for this team to come together and play the way it should be playing.

Wake up Broncos leadership! "Bend but don't break" isn't going to cut it. Excusing mistake after mistake by using lazy arguments and flawed logic (a win is a win) isn't going to cut it.

You don't need to apologize for winning Coach Fox, you need to apologize for the way you're doing it because sooner or later bend but don't brake is going to explode right in your face.

You either hunt or you become the hunted.

It's not good enough anymore just to get by.

Championship teams have a killer instinct, and right now they don't have it.