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Broncos vs. Chiefs - 7 questions answered

Let's revisit our 7 questions coming into the Kansas City/Denver game.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Was all the O-line shuffling worth it?

Remains to be seen. The edge rushers of the Chiefs had no impact on the game other than one blitz pick-up where Tamba Hali destroyed Montee Ball. Chris Clark negated a 55-yard gain on a WR screen by being downfield too early. The running game improved a bit from the week before.

Can our running game buy 4.0 yards per carry?

Yes, CJ Anderson and Montee Ball combined for 91 yards on 17 carries (5.4 YPC).

Orange Julius ripe to dominate?

Julius was targeted early and continued his success from a week before. Whether it was the gameplan that dictated the result or adjustments made by KC, Julius finished with just 4 catches for 39 yards after catching three balls on the opening TD drive.

Can Von get his explosiveness back?

Von indeed looked a little quicker this week. He flashed that trademark speed early drawing an offsides penalty. Von debuted a new sack dance and provided a couple of pressures on the game.

Is Cover-3 the Standard Operating Procedure going forward?

Didn't see as much this week though I will reserve judgement until I can watch the game from the All-22 perspective.

Will the turnover train continue rolling?

Alex Smith is one of the best in the game taking care of the ball and this week the Broncos were unable to create any turnovers. They came close, a pick-six was negated by an offsides penalty, and a strip sack was negated by a play review that revealed Alex Smith's arm was going forward.

Can the Broncos coverage units be effective if David Bruton is missing from action?

Britton Colquitt had a good day punting the ball and the coverage units didn't allow any big plays. Steven Johnson made a nice stop to slow down a return.

Go Broncos!!!