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Broncos fans' petition to ban Phil Simms gets 24,000 votes in 24 hours

Some have called it silly. Some have called it dumb. But over 30,000 fans have signed a petition to ban CBS color commentator Phil Simms from Denver Broncos games.

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY

Some have called it silly. Some have called it dumb. But far, far more have added their signature to the petition by "The People of Denver" to ban Phil Simms from Denver Broncos broadcasts.

At the time of our story Monday, less than 4,000 people had signed the petition. 24 hours later, the count is above 30,000, giving the petition over 1,000 signatures per hour. Various local Denver media outlets (except CBS, of course) as well as have stories on the petition.

Some comments include:

  • "I'm signing because Phil Simms doesn't give insight to the viewers. Instead he indirectly attacks the broncos organization and fans. Most likely because of personal matters possibly stemming from his son not working out when he was on the team." - Scott Feiler, petition
  • "We listen to his games mostly on mute because we cannot handle somebody who is not an unbiased announcer. It is unreal that CBS allows him to continue. They should realize that when our TV is on mute we also don't hear their station info or ads. Makes us groan when a game in on their channel because we know we most likely get Simms commentating." - Suzanne McClellan, petition

Our poll on has over 9,000 votes, with 87% voting in favor of banning Simms.

Broncos fans have come under fire from some critics. For people being dismissive or critical of this petition, I simply ask: Why is Phil Simms above reproach? He called a bad game. In many fans' opinions, he's called several bad Broncos games, as Denver regularly gets assigned to CBS' #1 broadcast team.

Broncos fans just want better. petition to ban Phil Simms from Broncos broadcasts []