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Horse Tracks: Broncos 'will be ready' for Seahawks

Monday Night Football is over so it is officially time to talk about Week 3 in the NFL. And for the Denver Broncos, that means Seattle Seahawks.

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Good morning, Broncos Country!

It's Tuesday and that means NFL Week 2 is officially over, so it's time to start talking about the next foe - the Seattle Seahawks.

Who knew the 2-0 Broncos would be heading to Starbucks-land to face a 1-1 Seahawks team?

As much as I despise the Seahawks, their 30-21 loss to the Chargers was not the loss I was hoping they would have. Broncos should have had the honor of taking the pumpkin spice out of the Seahawks latte.

The Chargers' victory over the Seahawks means San Diego will be tougher than I hoped, and what I assumed would be an 0-2 start for San Diego, is no longer possible.

But the good news is, the Chargers gave the Broncos several useful game takeaways:

  • No need to be intimidated by the Seahawks, particularly Richard Sherman.
  • The Chargers burned the Hawks with their Pro Bowl tight end Antonio Gates. This is good news for Broncos who have tight ends for days to utilize against Seattle's D.
  • Seattle's offense ran just 40 plays and had the ball roughly only 20 minutes of the entire game, compared to San Diego's 75 plays in 40+ minutes. Sound familiar, Broncos? Fix that time of possession imbalance from last weekend - and get a lot fewer penalties - and we should be fine.

"I think it's just going out and putting up good football," Demaryius Thomas said Sunday about the rematch of the two Super Bowl teams. "We know what we've got to got to do and we're just doing little things wrong - penalties here and there. I'm sure everybody has a plan to figure something out because we've got to do better. I think we've got to be able to play four quarters together."

Chris Harris, Jr., who was injured and didn't play in the Super Bowl against the Seahawks, is fired up.

"I'm so ready for this week," the cornerback said. "I'm going to make sure everybody's on point and make sure that we don't kill ourselves and beat ourselves, because if we're going to beat the Seattle Seahawks, we can't go down there with these mental mistakes and dumb penalties that we've been having."

I'm so ready for this week. I'm going to make sure everybody is on point and make sure we don't beat ourselves. L -Chris Harris, Jr., cornerback.

Montee Ball, who had a decent game against the Chiefs, will be running against one of the top defenses in the league. Gaining only 60 yards against a beat-up Kansas City defense, Ball has his work cut out for him.

"Yeah, oh yeah - they're a great opponent. Three straight in a row," Ball said of the Broncos first three weeks on the schedule. "We understand how hard we've got to prepare for this team."

Terrance Knighton, the player responsible for saving a likely touchdown in the waning minutes of the Kanas City game Sunday, says he and the rest of the team will be ready.

"It will be a test going on the road in a hostile environment, but we'll prepare well. Our coaches will have us ready. As long as we go out there and execute, we'll be fine," said Knighton. "I'm looking forward to it. I look forward to every opponent."

Go Broncos!

Welker Watch:

It appears as if this time, Wes Welker actually, really, without a doubt will be reinstated.

The NFL and the players' union are close to finalizing the drug policy changes they tentatively agreed upon last week.

Horse Tracks: