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Broncos vs. Chiefs - Play of the Game

Hello Broncos Country, vote for the play of the game!

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Last Week's Winner - Roby saves the day


Out of position, beaten, but not beat, Bradley Roby shows off his athletic ability by recovering into great position and batting down a 4th down pass to Reggie Wayne.

This play received 308 votes (58%)

Thanks to everyone who voted, now on to this week!!!

Julius Thomas "Touchdown Machine"


Eric Berry has never been able to cover Julius Thomas. In this case, it's just not fair. Manning uses JT's big frame and lays the ball in a spot high and to the outside. No one throws the fade better than Peyton.

Col. Sanders brings the hot sauce


First play of the game heavy personnel, run play right? Wrong. Can't see the backside but it looks like the single high safety bites on a route underneath leaving Sanders one on one with Sanders Commings.  Post route to perfection. The Chiefs get some push but Manning is able to step up and into his throw.

Pick Play Perfection


From trips formation, Sanders takes the outside man to the corner, and Andre Caldwell takes out three Chiefs defenders with a pick. Remember, blocking is allowed within a yard of the LOS. Tamme also runs a great route.



Like I said, no one throws the fade route better than Manning. With a defender draped all over him, Demaryius is able to drag in the ball with his left hand.

Terrance Knights Alex Smith


YOU SHALL NOT PASS! Seriously though, even if the ball had made it past the LOS, not sure who it gets to first a Broncos defender or a Chiefs receiver.

The Von Miller Experience


Von uses his signature bend around the edge then channels his inner rock star and strums the hell out of an air-guitar. Rock on Miller Lite!

What was your favorite play from Sunday? GO BRONCOS!!!