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ESPN's Keith Olbermann called Broncos fans who signed Phil Simms petition 'morons'

Scroll to 2:17 for the petition comments.

"30,000 people have signed this. This nonsense. You're morons," Olbermann says, naming The People of Denver "today's worst persons in the sports world."

Olbermann, and most members of the media, just don't get it. NFL fans wait all year for the season, then all week for the game, only to have it ruined (or decayed) by poor in-game commentary. And all of Olbermann's alternative solutions (listening to the radio) just don't work, for myriad reasons.

Meanwhile, thanks for commenting on something you know nothing about. Enjoy your view from the press box.

Ed: We tweaked our title to clarify that Olbermann only called Broncos fans who signed the petition "morons" after Olbermann went off on Twitter about it.