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Denver Broncos at Seattle Seahawks: TV Broadcast Map (NFL Week 3, CBS)

Courtesy of, here's a broadcast map for the Broncos Week 3 match up against the Seahawks. Cross your fingers you're in the red. Kickoff is scheduled for 2:25pm MT.

If you live in a RED area on this map (or Hawaii or Alaska) I have good news and bad for you.

Good news: The Broncos game will be airing on CBS this Sunday on your TV. No need for DIRECTV or your local sports bar.

Bad news: Guess who is one of the commentators for that game? I'll give you a hint. His first name is Phil and his last name rhymes with Pimms.

If you live in a BLUE area CBS will be airing the Kansas City @ Miami game. Which may not be appealing to you but is better than the GREY area folks who get absolutely nothing.

Week 3 and the Super Bowl re-match is finally here! I keep going back and forth between caring too much about this game or blowing it off as a "I don't care what happens as long as we don't get blown out and no one gets injured" kind of game.

Here's What I'm Hoping to See from the Broncos on Sunday:

  • A win. Any kind of W. Blowout, close game, OT, Fail Mary - I will take any kind of win on Sunday and not complain about a damn thing.
  • Discipline. It's Week 3. Enough with the multiple penalties, stupid penalties, any kind of penalties. I guess it's fine if Peyton Manning feels the need to yell at a Seahawk right before halftime.
  • No injuries. Let's go into the ridiculously early Bye Week as injury-free as possible. And no injuries for the Seahawks either - I admit I would like them to lose in embarrassing fashion (I'm a grudge holder) but I don't wish injuries on anyone.
  • I said it last week and I'll say it again. No drops. Hang on to the ball. Execution is key to beating the Seahawks - if there is a game for the Broncos to have zero drops - this is it.
  • Touchbacks. Brandon McManus is dealing with a groin strain this week, but I'm hoping he'll tough it out and kick it far enough that Percy Harvin doesn't even get a chance to run it back. Calling the Broncos Offense - your kicker has a groin strain. We need touchdowns not field goals. Let him rest a bit and just do PATs.
  • Defense stopping the Seahawks on 3rd down. I totally get that it's great to stop a team on 4th down. Especially in the red zone. But I don't want to see that kind of drama this Sunday. 3rd down stops please. And a lot of them.
The Broncos are 34-20 against the Seahawks all-time. Kickoff is scheduled for 2:25PM MT.

Go Broncos!