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Horse Tracks: Redemption...or 'just Week 3?'

Finally! The game we've been gunning for ever since Feb. 2. But to everyone at Dove Valley, Sunday is just another game. Another game we want to win. Another 'next biggest game of the year.'

Dustin Bradford

Sunday's game is Week 3 of the regular season.

It just so happens the Denver Broncos are playing the Seattle Seahawks.

And it just so happens that's kind of a big rematch from a rather important February game.

But when you talk to the Broncos, it is just Week 3.

"It's Week 3. That's all it is," says safety T.J. Ward. "We have a tough opponent. They didn't bring me in just for one team. It's for every game - playoffs and beyond. It's the same preparation."

It's Week 3. That's all it is. They didn't bring me in just for one team. It's for every game - playoffs and beyond.   -T.J. Ward, safety

And that has been the mantra out of Dove Valley all week. You can't get to the Super Bowl if you forget about the game right in front of you.

"This is the biggest game of the year for us. Last week was the biggest game for the year," said Von Miller. "Every game is a big game for us going to a bye week. We definitely want to go out there and play well."

Offensive Coordinator Adam Gase reiterated those sentiments are true when it comes to his quarterback.

"[Peyton Manning] has treated every game as though this is the biggest game of the year," Gase said of Manning. "I've never sensed any kind of different intensity from him whether it be the first game, the fifth game, this type of game, whatever it is. Every week is a big game."

Revenge game or just Week 3 doesn't matter to Gase and Jack Del Rio. They're jobs are to prepare for a Seattle team that has a lot of offensive and defensive weapons to account for.

After a slew of penalties by the Broncos in last week's bout with the Chiefs, the two coordinators said cleaning up mistakes is an ongoing process, but both feel good about where their units are at this stage in the season.

"The one thing I like about where we are and who we are as a unit is we don't blink," Del Rio said. "Our guys keep fighting, keep playing hard. I'm proud of that. Being perfect and cleaning it up and being more impactful, more dominant - we will get there, but I like the resiliency, I like the toughness, I like the mentality."

We don't blink. Our guys keep fighting, keep playing hard. I like the resiliency; I like the toughness; I like the mentality. -Jack Del Rio, defensive coordinator

Getting Wes Welker back is a big boost to the offense, but Gase pointed out a main focus for this game will be ball handling no matter who's in the game.

"We better come out and execute our game plan, don't turn the ball over and get positive plays. These guys feed off turnovers," Gase said. "We have to make sure we hold on to the ball. That's the No. 1 goal."

Gase added that part of the Seahawks' defensive success is due to athletic, smart players.

"Besides just being really good athletes, their intelligence level is off the charts," the coordinator said. "That's one of the things that I respect Richard Sherman for probably a lot more than people really give him credit for - how smart he is and how he's able to diagnose an offense and use it to his advantage."

And although noise will be a nuisance, it's also nothing new - and hopefully, nothing the Broncos won't be more prepared for this time around.

"It becomes more of just a non-verbal game," Gase said. "That place has always been loud and that's how you have to communicate."

If anything, Demaryius Thomas thinks the noise effect could help the offense move quickly.

"I think it's one of the loudest in the league and I think our main focus is getting back to the line, going fast, getting our eyes on Peyton and seeing what the signals are and going from there," Thomas said. "We've been doing the signals awhile, so I think it will help and keep us going fast."

We're 2-0 right now. Just because this is the third game of the season, it doesn't make or break us. ...Usually the defense that plays the best, that's the team that wins.   -DeMarcus Ware, defensive end

DeMarcus Ware, who wasn't a Bronco when the team lost to the Seahawks in the Super Bowl, has been bringing a little perspective to the locker room this week.

"We're 2-0 right now. This game - just because it's the third game of the season - it doesn't make us or break us, but it always defines who we are because it's the next game," Ware said.

Ware added that the defense knows what is hast to do this game and understands how important its role is for the Broncos all year.

"Defense always wins championships. That's what it's about," he added. "I always want to play better than the other defense. Usually the defense that plays the best, that's the team that wins."

Stopping the run is the main goal, Ware said, but the D is also aiming to take away the big plays too.

"We have to get pressure and make sure those big explosive plays with Harvin or any of those other guys don't happen," Ware said.

The main goal, if you want to get technical (and cliché), is to keep the opposing team to fewer points than your offense can score.

And though fans - and probably several Broncos - would love to blowout Seattle, the reality is it should be a hard-fought game. That in itself is a victory.

But still, as Gase pointed out: "One more point. That's all we need."


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