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Terrance 'Pot Roast' Knighton has your focus right here

With two fourth quarter stands, the Denver Broncos defense has been at-attention in 2014.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Denver Broncos players need look no further than newly-minted captain and terror-in-the-middle Terrance Knighton for the source of their focus.

Knighton made the game-sealing pass-batted-down against Kansas City, showing his focus never wavered in Denver's 24-17 victory over the Chiefs. He had another pass batted down, two tackles, and a hurry in Denver's down-to-the-wire win.

Knighton's deflection of Alex Smith's pass came at the two-yard line with 15 seconds left in the game. The Broncos were up only seven points.


"That’s what defense is for—to make plays at the end of the game [when] we need to make plays," Knighton said.

Safety T.J. Ward is also proving to be a critical piece to Denver's new defense, one of two players (Brandon Marshall) to play in every defensive snap for the team.

"While we're preparing, it's complete focus," Ward said of the Seattle game this Sunday. "Every day is gaining, every day you do something new and you get a little bit tighter on the game plan, you get a little more crystal on it, and by Sunday, it should be in stone. But things happen during the game. They're going to show us looks we haven't seen and we're going to give them looks that we haven't showed, so that's the excitement about Sundays."

And that's where focus will help a Bronco bat down a pass to seal the game.

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