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Take a bow Broncos coaching staff, you cost your team the game

A game with that many ups and downs will undoubtedly have a lot of points where the tide could have turned one way or another. One thing is for certain though, Jack Del Rio and his failure to account to Russell Wilson and inability to adjust to his roll-outs cost the Broncos a chance at a hard fought win on the road.

Kevin C. Cox

Let's start with the offense - The Good

There wasn't a lot of good. Their first possession they moved the ball well. Manning worked the outside areas of the field and they remained patient. On 3rd down Manning missed Julius Thomas in the endzone and they kicked a field goal. That would be the last time the Broncos sniffed points until the 4th quarter when the defense got a crucial turnover in Seahawk territory.

In the end, it was good for the Broncos to have their backs against the wall because Manning just winged it downfield. Here's your first lesson on coaching. Seattle went prevent and allowed the Broncos the deep passes down the field they successfully guarded all game.

In the end we learned that the offensive line is slightly better against pressure than last year, but nothing more than a sieve in the running game. On more than one occasion Montee Ball had to break a couple of tackles just to make it back to the line of scrimmage.

Let's continue with the offense - The Bad

Demaryius Thomas is hurt and his play is showing it. Drops, bad routes, he's hurting more than he has let on. Kid is a warrior but he has to heal up.

Montee Ball fumbled yet again setting up the Seattle offense for an easy three early in the game.

Peyton Manning was a bit off all game. The rush got in his head because we saw the same inaccuracies that we witnessed in the Super Bowl. He had no business throwing the ball down the seam into the double coverage of Kam Chancellor and Earl Thomas. He failed to get into a rhythm.

Adam Gase/Peyton Manning. I want to blame Manning but it seemed like a gameplan decision going into the game. The Broncos seemed resolved to run the ball on 3rd and long.  I'm ok with the thinking, why let that pass rush tee off on your QB and risk a turnover? The problem is, they were fine with running on 1st or 2nd down creating that same long distance issue they were trying to avoid.

The running game is broken, period. These guys were beaten time after time after time.  16 carries, 40 yards. Good luck explaining to me that the line is trending upward CH74;)

Random thoughts

It was said during the game that the loss of Virgil Green had major implications on the Broncos offensive gameplan. You know what Virgil Green does? He blocks. If the Broncos coaching staff were prepared, they could have kept a 4th blocking TE on the roster, you know in case someone got hurt.

Defense-the good

So much heart. This defense singlehandedly kept this team in the game and they are the reason the Broncos even had a shot at the end. Russell Wilson beat great coverage with a perfect deep pass against Talib.

Von Miller played out of his mind. I'll tell you this, Russell Wilson has never been chased that much in his life.

The front stuffed and stifled all-pro Marshawn Lynch all game.

They forced a safety to spark some life into the team, and followed up with a game turning interception that allowed the offense to score. This defense played lights out......soooo who's to blame?

Jack Del Rio

You're playing one of the best running QB's in the game. Someone who scrambles and runs the bootleg to perfection.


Not only that....that final Seahawk drive, they ran the same play....over and over and over again. You have two timeouts and your defense is tired. Call one. Find out a strategy to put someone LIKE VON MILLER to spy Wilson exclusively.

Have one of your cover guys trail the underneath route on that bootleg so it's not so wide open every time.

And when you're playing a two-minute defense at the half, please give up the prevent bullshit. You now have multiple examples of how it works against your interests.

Looking back, you have to realize that the Broncos miss Danny Trevathan and his speed on the edge, but that's no excuse for rushing pressure up the middle and having no spy on Wilson as he scrambles around the edge time after time after time.

That planning just flat out sucked and it cost us a game.

Where to go from here?

I'm glad the offense found some life and stoned up but they played a terrible game and Peyton Manning was front and center.  The defense had it's bad game last week, the offense had it's bad game this week. Now they have a bye and some time to reflect and get better.

The first place to start is by taking responsibility. Each and every one from the coaches on down needs to examine what they bring to the table and how they can help this team win games. If the things they are doing do not fall into either of those categories, then it needs to be cut away like cancer.

The ending makes the game more palatable, but overall, I feel largely like I did last week. This team has massive improvements to make before the tournament begins and there is plenty of time to do so. It starts first and foremost with the coaches. They are keeping this team from becoming something great.

In the grand scheme of things, the Broncos slugged it out with a team that dominated them on the biggest stage. They stood toe to toe and dished out punishment of their own. I suppose if you're going to lose, you might as well lose on the road in overtime to the defending World Champions.

Denver is no push-over, they are just poorly guided.