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Broncos playoff picture and NFL draft order for Week 4

Otto Greule Jr

The Denver Broncos are not the statistically dominating team they were in 2013. They're not the toast of the NFL this September. Peyton Manning is on pace for closer to 40 touchdowns than 55.

But they're 2-1, having faced three 11-win teams from a year ago. They're in great shape entering their early bye week.

AFC West Standings


To everyone cheering for the Chargers a week ago as they led the Seahawks: what is wrong with you?

The Broncos are first in the AFC West simply because they beat a team in the AFC West; the San Diego Chargers haven't. Indeed, the Chargers loom large right now, having beaten the Seattle Seahawks, giving them an advantage over the Broncos in the common opponents tiebreaker.

The Broncos can even out this in Week 5 when they play the Cardinals. Since the Chargers lost to them on Monday Night Football opening week, it gives the Broncos a chance to even this tiebreaker.

Stat to watch: The Broncos have allowed more points than anyone else in the division. You can argue that's due to a small sample size and playing three good, mobile quarterbacks, but this is a stat Denver will hope evens out as the year progresses.

AFC Playoff Picture


(The Strength of Schedule here is strictly tied to the three opponents each team has played thus far, not on their 16-week slate.)

The 3-0 Bengals claim the AFC's top playoff spot through Week 3. As things stand now, the Colts and Patriots are both on the outside looking in, with the Texans and Bills representing their respective divisions as champs. The Chargers and Ravens round out the playoff picture as Wild Cards.

Stat to watch: Right now the Bengals have a points per drive differential that is four times better than the Broncos'. That's in large part due to their defense, which is allowing less than a point per drive, while the Broncos are allowing nearly two.

NFL Draft Order


(Note: This Strength of Schedule DOES take into account a team's full 16-week slate of opponents.)

21st is nice, but 32nd is better, amirite?