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Lack of contract not the reason Demaryius Thomas is struggling

Everyone wants to know why Denver Broncos wide receiver Demaryius Thomas is struggling. Is it an injury? A contract dispute? Or just a plain slump?

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Amazingly, some in the media have questioned whether or not a lack of a contract extension could be the reason for the poor play of Demaryius Thomas through the first three weeks. That thought is patently absurd and Thomas obviously agrees.

"Nah, the contract is not part of it. The contract is going to work out by itself. I can't really do nothing about it, either you play well or you don't. There's no dollar signs involved when I'm playing football. All I care about is winning. So when I can't make the play, the reason I'm upset is I'm not helping the team win."

Most Denver Broncos fans can tell easily enough that DT is one of the most genuine wide receivers in the NFL. He isn't going to make waves or act selfishly over contract issues. He wants to win and more importantly, he doesn't want to let his teammates down. This is exactly why the Broncos should be shoveling money his way, because he is exactly the kind of player and human being you build a team with.

The odd thing about all this is this mysterious left foot injury mentioned last week by Phil Simms. An injury both Demaryius Thomas and the Denver Broncos deny even exists.

My take on all of this has never wavered. Great players can get themselves into a slump at times, and I have believed from the first game that Demaryius Thomas is just in one of those slumps. He is still showing flashes of his previous years' dominance, and I think its only a matter of time before he explodes back onto the scene.

So patience, Broncos fans and Keep Calm and Peyton On.