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Horse Tracks: Cody Latimer ready to show his worth

Good Morning Broncos Country

Ronald Martinez

The Denver Broncos rookie wide receiver hasn't seen the field much during the teams first three regular season games this season. Latimer was active week one, but did not see a single snap on offense. Latimer's only action has been on special teams where he has seen 10 snaps.

This would frustrate many young receivers, but Latimer is staying positive about it.

"At first it was tough, but you get it,’’ Latimer said. "They have to and you have to do what’s best for the team. At the end of the day sometimes they need more positions than others. You’re used to playing a lot in college, but every guy in here played a lot in college, that's not how they measure it. Once you come into this league you have to understand.’’

Right now Latimer is 5th on the depth chart behind Demaryius Thomas, Emmanuel Sanders, Wes Welker, and Andre Caldwell so there's no need to rush him on the field just yet. Especially with the return of Wes Welker from injury/suspension and Emmanuel Sanders being dominant in the teams first three games.

Latimer is going to continue to practice hard and let his play get him on the field.
"I just keep grinding, try to wait your turn, keep working in practice,’’ Latimer said. "That first game, I was kind like, man, but you look and see what’s happening and keep going. I do know if I don’t practice hard, make plays in practice, they’re not going to play me. I want to keep their attention.’’
It shouldn't be long until we see Latimer get his first snaps on offense. His physicality, speed, big play ability, and blocking skills are hard to ignore. The coaches obviously believe that Latimer will have an effect on this teams offense this year(otherwise they wouldn't have spent a second round draft choice on him) the big question is when?

Latimer's biggest hurdle might be gaining quarterback Peyton Manning's trust. Manning expects his receivers to run the route the way he wants it, plus he has to trust that his receivers pick up on all his pre-snap shenanigans at the line. One mistake from the rookie could end up costing the Broncos big time.
"When it’s my time, be ready for your time,’’ Latimer said. "I hear the play calls, see what they’re doing, kind of say to myself, all right, this is the play -- and we have to know all the positions -- so I see if I can work through what every guy is doing before the snap.’’
Go Broncos!

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