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AFC West recap: Chargers triumph, Raiders collapse globally

The Denver Broncos watched idly bye Sunday as the San Diego Chargers destroyed the Jacksonville Jaguars to take the AFC West lead.

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Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Chargers maul Jaguars

The San Diego Chargers destroyed the Jacksonville Jaguars Sunday 33-14 behind 377 passing yards from Philip Rivers and three touchdowns, including two to former Bronco Eddie Royal. This now puts the Chargers at 3-1 and, technically, in first place in the AFC West.

Mike McCoy and Rivers are making the San Diego Chargers' passing offense every bit as dangerous as Denver's. Rivers has thrown a TD in 24 straight games - that's a San Diego franchise record. Royal has had four touchdowns and 147 yards over the last two weeks.

They even used the Broncos' scissors routeTM to get six from Jacksonville.

Looking at their upcoming slate of games (Jets, at Raiders, Chiefs), the Chargers could easily be 6-1 heading into their Week 8 game against the Broncos in Denver.

Raiders collapse "on global scale"

Do you hear that, Roger Goodell? London is calling.

They want a refund.

The Oakland Raiders are baaaaaaaaaad. For a minute there, it looked like maybe, they weren't so baaaaaaaaaad. But nope. They're baaaaaaaaaad.

How do you let this happen?

The Raiders fell to the Miami Dolphins 38-14 Sunday. The Dolphins. Looking at the Raiders' schedule, they may be 0-15 when they face the Broncos in Week 17 - in Denver.


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