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Report: Dennis Allen fired by Raiders, Broncos would welcome him back

No deleted tweets this time. Plus, see Dennis Allen being all chummy with John Elway and John Fox there? That might be a sign of the near future.

Justin Edmonds

The rumors have become a full-blown report.

Jay Glazer of FOX Sports and Adam Schefter of ESPN each report that the Raiders have fired Dennis Allen.

But even more interesting to Broncos fan is the nugget Schefter dropped shortly thereafter.

Color me surprised. Allen went to a rival and was only the Broncos' defensive coordinator for one year.

But we all know Schefter has his thumb on the pulse of Broncos football perhaps better than any other team in the NFL, thanks to his years in Denver. With one Schefter tweet, Allen returning to Denver just went from "improbable" to "highly possible" in my mind.

Whether it's as a defensive quality control coach or something higher up the defensive coaching food chain, it seems Allen didn't burn bridges when he left Denver.