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Broncos vs. Colts: Blast from the past

The first in a series that looks back at the best & worst games played against each of the Broncos' 2014 opponents.

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This is the first in a series of short articles which will hold up up what I see as Denver's best (and worst) game against each of the Broncos' 2014 opponents. Feel free to disagree with my choices and share your own views in the comments section. Let's lift up Denver's great (and "bummer") moments to keep the history, traditions and rivalries stoked.

Denver vs the Indianapolis Colts

Best game: December 21, 2003

Score: Denver 31, Indianapolis 17

What makes this game great: The Broncos overcame Jake Plummer throwing a pick-6 on the opening drive to score on all of their next four drives to take a 28-17 lead at the half. Strangely enough, Plummer outdueled Peyton Manning in that game. Plummer completed 14 of 17 passes for 238 yards, 1 touchdown and 1 interception, compared to Manning's 12 of 23 for 146 yards, no touchdowns and no interceptions. The Broncos rushing attack piled up 227 yards versus the Colts paltry 47.

Worst Game: October 31, 1988

Score: Indianapolis 55, Denver 23

What makes this game horrible: Put simply, this was a Halloween nightmare. Denver came out and was dominated from the very beginning. Denver went "3 & Out" on the opening drive. The Colts answered with a 69-yard touchdown drive to take a 7-0 lead. The teams exchanged punts then a Denver fumble led to a 10-yard touchdown drive by the Colts, 14-0. Another fumble by the Broncos and another short touchdown drive game the Colts a 21-0 lead at the end of one quarter. It never got any better than that. The Broncos trailed 45-10 at the half and went fell behind 55-10 before score a pair of fourth-quarter touchdowns. Statistically, Denver appeared to be in the game, except for one very telling stat: four lost fumbles -- four first half fumbles by the Broncos that led to 20 points for the Colts.

The Broncos have lost six straight games to the Colts, but it should be noted that five of those losses came at the hands of Peyton Manning. This will be the season that the Broncos end that streak.

Go Broncos.