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Denver Broncos News: Horse Tracks - Unrein, Garland unsung heroes on Broncos roster

Good Morning Broncos Country!


"I faced so many challenges. The chances of me making the NFL were tiny. Tiny. Do you know how many times on my two-year [Air Force] commitment the alarm rang at 4 a.m. and I got up and worked out before I had to do my duty for the day? Every day. Not one day did I miss. I'd make up football drills and go out in the middle of winter in Illinois and do them, day after day. I would think, ‘Who am I trying to kid?' But I wanted it. And the Air Force helped me so much. You're on an elite team in the Air Force trying to be the best they can be at a certain specific task. And that's the same thing in football. The training I did for those two years perfectly prepared me....

"People asked me, ‘You had a good career path in the Air Force. A guaranteed career. Why leave that for something that's not guaranteed?' Because I loved it, and because I felt it was something I just had to do. Even if I didn't make it, I'd be a better person for it."

via Peter King's MMQB

It's hard to focus on guys like Ben Garland and Mitch Unrein sometimes.  At different points this offseason, I had written them off the Broncos roster-casualties of deep team depth and a completely ignorant view of just how hard these players have worked to become successful.

There's been a lot of negative news coming out of Dove Valley lately but both Ben Garland and Mitch Unrein are prime examples of the good men John Elway has stocked this roster with.

Ben Garland shouldn't be on this team.  He has defied all odds.  When you hear of players switching positions in camp, it's usually an indication of how the team has lost confidence in that prospect and are trying to salvage the talent by testing whether or not the player can flourish under a different set of circumstances.  These stories don't normally end up happily ever after for the player, but for Ben Garland all the hard work paid off.

For his lot, all Mitch Unrein did was keep working.  He had lost footing in the DT depth chart due to a very deep class of talent at the position.  Demoted and in tenuous position, Mitch kept chopping away, kept coming to work, kept improving.  And with a final preseason audition and his job on the line, delivered a performance that saved his football life--his light shone brightest when the pressure was at maximum capacity.

Unrein and Garland are what you can call lunch-pail type players.  They are grinders who make their bones by coming to work every day and outperforming their peers with sheer hustle.

Championship teams are built with a solid foundation; the Broncos are fortunate to have guys like Ben Garland and Mitch Unrein on their team.

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