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Denver Broncos set focus on the Arizona Cardinals for Week 5 - Horse Tracks

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Finally. The Bye Week is officially over for the Denver Broncos as John Fox and some key players met with the media yesterday to talk about various things, including the Arizona Cardinals. The best news, of course, was that Danny Trevathan might see the football field this weekend for the first time since his leg injury.

The Cardinals are all about the defense and were able to reach that 3-0 record without the services of their starting quarterback, Carson Palmer. When asked about that, Fox added, "The job that that team’s done and that coaching staff has done for your backup to go in and perform like they did, it’s tremendous. They’ve got a top-5 defense that they can lean on, and rightfully so. It’s a very, very good football team."

Pretty much exactly right. The Cardinals, like the Texans, don't need a quarterback to win football games. However, also like the Texans, it will eventually catch up to them. One of the ways a great defense wins is by making opposing teams one dimension and with the Broncos they don't even have to try all that hard since the run blocking is laughable on the Broncos side of the ball.

Speaking of ball, Montee Ball had a few things to add about the running game that I wholly agreed with. He explained, "Focus on what we do. Everyone has to do their assignments and if the line does their job, if the running backs do their job, receivers do their job, we’ll have success in the run game."

It was a perfect way to put the onerous on everyone when everyone knows the real problem is the line not doing their job in the run game. Hopefully those guys up front appreciated the fact that Ball could have thrown them under the bus and rightfully so, but didn't. So step it the $*%^ up!

Everyone has to do their assignments and if the line does their job ... we’ll have success in the run game. - Montee Ball

Ball also needs to play in pass protection and the Cardinals defense can be quite ferocious, but Ball seems to have a firm understanding of what he needs to do in order for the offense to be successful against them, saying, "They do a great job of switching up the personnel on defense, from dime, from base, from all that stuff. They do a great job of flipping and switching it up. Especially as running backs, we’ve got to stay in tune with the center and making checks and all that stuff. Other than that, they fly around. They fly around and play together, so it’s going to be an exciting game."

All good things, now if only they can execute the game plan for a change - especially in the run game. I have heard that Montee Ball is leading the league in broken tackles but is near the bottom in yards per carry. Unleash the beast!

Horse Tracks

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