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Wes Welker's suspension could be reduced

The NFL and NFLPA are making "real progress" to a revised drug-testing policy.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

There's a chance - it sounds to me like slim chance - that Denver Broncos wide receiver Wes Welker's four-game suspension could be reduced or removed altogether, NBC's Mike Florio said on air Thursday added to Florio's report, detailing ongoing negotiations between the NFL and NFLPA on a new comprehensive drug-testing policy that have made "real progress."

One change is that offseason use of amphetamines would move from the performance-enhancing substance policy to the substance-abuse policy. That would mean that Welker would switch from a first-time offender in the PED policy (which carries an automatic four-game suspension) to a first-time offender in the substance-abuse policy (which carries no suspension).

Florio suggests there's a chance this new drug policy could get approved this week, while there's also a chance it would be retroactively enforced for Welker and others. I'd be surprised on both counts and don't expect Welker this week or next.

But by Week 3 against the Seahawks? Maybe.