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Louis Vasquez is the Broncos' most consistent player

1,443 snaps. 868 dropbacks. Zero sacks allowed.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Whenever anyone asks a question in this format, the answer is almost always the same: Denver Broncos QB Peyton Manning:

"Who is the most ___________ [fill in positive words] on the Broncos in 2014?"

Who is the most important? Who is the best? Who is the most talented? Who has the most to prove? Who is the best interview? Who is the best tackler?

It's always Peyton Manning.

But that isn't the case with "most consistent." Don't get me wrong; Manning is consistently excellent. Every single game.

But not every single play. He gets burned. He throws the random interception.

There's one player wearing a Broncos uniform who started every offensive snap a year ago and was not burned once. Not once in Denver has he given up a sack, the offensive line equivalent of throwing an interception. He allowed his quarterback to be hit only twice all season. He was called for one mere, single holding penalty.

I'm referring, of course,  to Louis Vasquez, Broncos All Pro right guard, and one of the best interior offensive linemen in the league. With Vasquez returning to practice Thursday, Peyton and the Broncos can be assured of Vasquez's consistent protection from Week One onward.

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