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Horse tracks: Real football is back (and so is the Orange Crush)!

The Seahawks cruised to a win on the opening night of the 2014 NFL season, Jack Del Rio thinks that his Broncos defense can be the second coming of the legendary Orange Crush, and the Broncos remain preseason favorites to win the Super Bowl, despite Wes Welker's suspension.

The Seahawks triumphed over the Packers in dominating fashion on Thursday night, marking the start of the 2014 NFL regular season.
The Seahawks triumphed over the Packers in dominating fashion on Thursday night, marking the start of the 2014 NFL regular season.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Football is back (in case you missed it). The Seahawks beat the Packers quite handily in the grand opening of the 2014 NFL season, without the help of the replacement refs and the Fail Mary. In a dominating performance, Seattle cruised to a 36-16 victory on a night where they dominated on both sides of the ball.

Although the game ended with a lopsided score, it was nothing short of awesome having real, meaningful NFL football back. From the time this is posted, there will be approximately 61 hours until the Broncos will kick off their season on Sunday Night Football; let the celebrations commence.

Side note: the coolest thing from Thursday night's game came courtesy of Eddie Lacy and his Hulk undershirt.

Horse Tracks

  • Jack Del Rio believes that the Broncos defense has potential to be the second coming of the Orange Crush. Much is yet to be proven, but this is undoubtedly the most talented defense the Broncos have had in years, and it's not entirely unrealistic to think that they can be the best Broncos defense since the Orange Crush of the late seventies and early eighties.
  • According to Adam Schefter, the NFL and NFL players association are heating up in talks regarding a new drug program (which can be read about here). If the new program were in effect now, Wes Welker would not have been suspended for the first four games of the season.

  • The Broncos are well-equipped to cope with Wes Welker's suspension, and apparently Las Vegas knows so. Updated Super Bowl odds from Wednesday still have the Broncos as the favorites to win Super Bowl 49.
  • Peyton Manning, just like Tom Brady, intends to play until he sucks. It seems like Manning has finally found an answer to all of the repetitive questions about his retirement plans.
  • Hopefully Manning continues to act in commercials until he sucks, too. With more gems like this, he'll be on TV for a very long time.

P.S. Commercial quality counts for something in the debate for greatest quarterback of all time, right? If so, Manning has a huge step up on the competition.

  • Speaking of commercial quality, Terrance Knighton apparently wasn't all that thrilled to see himself in his Bridgestone ads on Thursday night, during the Packers and Seahawks game.

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