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Horse Tracks: 7 touchdowns

One year ago today, Peyton Manning was coming off a record tying 7 touchdown game against the Baltimore Ravems

Andy Lyons

One year ago today Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning was just coming off a record tying seven touchdown pass game against the Baltimore Ravens.

As we all know the Broncos were coming off an embarrassing loss to the Baltimore Ravens in the playoffs, so this performance and victory was great. Peyton threw touchdown passes to Julius Thomas(2 TD's), Wes Welker(2 TD's), Andre Caldwell(1 TD), and Demaryius Thomas(2 TD's).

(via Deadspin) (Click to view it if the GIF isn't playing for you...)

Now the Broncos host the Indianapolis Colts, Peyton's former team. The same team who honored him, then embarrassed him on the same night. Deep down Peyton Manning wants revenge against his former team and boss Jim Irsay.

So now I ask you this question. How many touchdowns does Peyton Manning get Sunday Night?

Horse Tracks: