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Top Broncos 2014: Peyton Manning is #1

The Mile High Report Staff each ranked their Top Broncos. We'll be counting down with a few each day. Here's #1, Peyton Manning.

Justin Edmonds

Could the top Denver Broncos player have been anyone other than Peyton Manning? The future Hall of Fame quarterback is enjoying what will go down as the greatest old quarterback Renaissance any old quarterback has ever enjoyed. After just two seasons with the Broncos, Manning has racked up two AFC West crowns, a combined regular season and playoff record of 28-8 and broken as many records in Denver as he had in 14 seasons with the Indianapolis Colts.

If Manning can help lead this talent-laden team to a Super Bowl victory, then there will be little debate in calling him the greatest quarterback in NFL history. I am sure people will find a reason to debate the issue, but even as one of the biggest John Elway fanboy's of all time, a Super Bowl victory in 2014 would settle the debate for me.

Why is He a Top Bronco?

I found fifty-five reasons in the video below, which should more than answer the question posed. However, if you need one more, Manning is also called "The Sheriff".  So don't fight the law, cause the law will win.

Peyton Manning Career Broncos Stats

2012 16 400 583 68.6 4659 37 11 105.8
2013 16 450 659 68.3 5477 55 10 115.1
Career 32 850 1242 68.4 10,136 92 21 110.8

I excluded his career with the Colts, because that was when I despised Peyton Manning. I hated everything about him, but really I only hated that he obliterated my Broncos nearly every single time. The hate I felt was really envy and now that envy is for other fan bases to feel.

These two year stats are mind blowing. If Manning plays two more years he may just permanently own all of the meaningful career records held by quarterbacks. Seriously, nearly a 100 touchdown passes in two years and 10,000 yards passing? Sheesh!

Projecting Peyton Manning in 2014

Somehow I think the Denver Broncos offense is even better in 2014 than it was in 2013, but I suspect there will be more of an emphasis on the running game. This could mean less statistical production from Manning and the wide receivers, but a more balanced offense overall. That said, I still think Manning comes close to another 5,000 yards passing season and should easily top 40 touchdown passes this year.

On the anniversary of his record-tying seven touchdown performance against the Baltimore Ravens last year, I will also predict how badly he will embarrass the Indianapolis Colts tomorrow night. Manning will fall short of seven touchdowns, but he will certainly grab five of them in what will be a rout of Andrew Luck and the Colts on national television. T-minus 24 hours...Go Broncos!