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Week 1 NFL Late Game Predictions - Live Blog

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

What a glorious start to the 2014 NFL season! First, the Kansas City Chiefs get dominated at home by the Tennessee Titans and then the Oakland Raiders temporarily looked good only to get dominated by the New York Jets. Tom Brady and the New England Patriots choked it up big against the Miami Dolphins and the Pittsburgh Steelers tanked a 24 point halftime lead.

We had Jay Cutler back foot interceptions, J.J. Watts blocked extra points and a Joe Flacco being elite. I LOVE ME SOME NFL FOOTBALL!

The early games have already been predicted, so now on with my predictions for this afternoon's games.

Carolina Panthers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Is it me or do people really buy into the offseason hype with the Buccaneers every single season? I think they end up in fourth place again this year, but albeit in a tough NFC South division. However, I think the Panthers offense is fairly limited and the Bucs will find a way to get a big play against a tough Panthers defense to win at home today. Cam Newton looks like a go today(nope!), but I don't think that will matter. Prediction: Buccaneers 21, Panthers 10.

San Francisco 49ers at Dallas Cowboys

I swear, if the Cowboys had anything that looked remotely like an NFL defense, I would pick them here. Living in northern California, I have seen a lot of 49ers football this preseason and they do not look like a playoff team right now. That said, a team of 80 year old's could score against this defense - and score a lot. Colin Kaepernick should have a fairly good game even if he is having an off day and the 49ers should fend off any Tony Romo comeback with a timely interception. Prediction: 49ers 31, Cowboys 27.

Easy, breezy on this one. Just a few short hours until the Broncos/Colts kickoff! Feel free to criticize my picks here as even I don't know if they'll work out or not. My dartboard broke.