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Here's Peyton Manning's interview with Bob Costas before the opener vs. Colts

Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning spoke with NBC's Bob Costas on Football Night in America on NBC. Here's the full 10-minute version.

Some highlights --

On moving beyond Super Bowl XLVIII loss to Seahawks: "I'm glad football is finally here. I'm not sure what's worse - losing the Super Bowl, or having to talk about it all offseason. Opening night means that we can stop talking about last season, and truly move on to 2014."

On knowing when to retire, regarding Tom Brady's ‘When I suck, I'll quit,' comment: "I guess I'm along the same lines as Tom. I don't want to be out there playing if I can't help a team, make the throws that I think a quarterback has to make. At the same time, I'm not sure you have to play until you're not a great player (anymore). I think you could stop before that point."

On following up his "Football on Your Phone" performance with younger brother Eli, with "Fantasy Football Fantasy" this year: "The director of that commercial actually showed Eli and I a video of Jay-Z and Kanye (West), kind of like showing film - ‘this is what we're looking for on this particular play.' I was very uncomfortable...I can't do what Jay-Z and Kanye are doing...their jobs are safe, let's put it that way."