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Broncos RB Montee Ball's 2014 debut was more impressive than you think

Week 1's Interesting Stats [Rotoworld] -

Montee Ball was hardly impressive in terms of his bulk stats against Indy; he rushed 23 times for 67 yards-good for 2.9 YPC. The Broncos really had trouble winning at the point-of-attack, though, and the fact that Ball forced nine missed tackles on his carries suggests that he made the most of what was blocked for him.

Actually, by knowing Ball's yards after contact, we can calculate how many yards he gained before contact on each play. It turns out that he ran for just 12 total yards before being hit by Colts defenders, which works out to only 0.52 yards per rush.

The run-blocking was pretty terrible, not Montee Ball. Let's give him another chance to fill Knowshon Moreno's suddenly big shoes, shall we?