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Peyton Manning is still writing his Mile High legacy

Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning isn't ready to cede the reins of the NFL to Indianapolis Colts QB Andrew Luck just yet.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Peyton Manning puts past behind him in fully embracing Mile High home [Sports Illustrated] -

A few moments later, Manning is asked about his successor. Luck is good. Among the best. Some might say he'll be the best to ever play.

Manning laughs. The subject, he said, is "a little deep for a Tennessee graduate." But there's a nanosecond before the joke, when those five words come at him. His eyes flash. The best to ever play -- Manning isn't having that, not yet, not when he's got a few great seasons left. Not when he's out for that second Super Bowl and armed to do it.

And when he glares for that blink of a moment, before he cracks his signature joke, Manning is the purest form of himself. He's determined, focused, hungry, and maybe Madi Zawacki shouldn't sell her jersey, not quite yet. It may just be worth twice as much come February.

This fantastic piece from SI's Joan Niesen (friend of MHR) chronicles Manning's revenge against his former team by pointing out that it wasn't about revenge at all. Manning is at home in Denver now. He may not be John Elway, Mr. Colorado, but Peyton the Bronco "feels like more than just a late-career rental." We couldn't agree more.