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NFL Week 1 Monday Night Football Open Thread

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Sorry its late Mile High Report!  I am sure most of you will forgive me as my grandpa has been on the brink of death for about 24 hours now and I just got word that somehow they got his bypass veins or whatever opened back up and the blockage cleared. The doctors made it sound like a hail mary of a chance, but it appears to have been a success.

Needless to say, I'm celebrating tonight!  He lives out on the East Coast in Virginia, so if any of you reside there send some happy thoughts to some random stranger you don't know. I'll do the same from here in Sacramento, California.

So yeah, my picks.  Naturally, I had the Detroit Lions over the New York Giants in the first game and the San Diego Chargers over the Arizona Cardinals in the second. The second game has a caveat though from a pick'em standpoint. I am one game out of placing in the money and the one person with 11 wins ahead of me has "Chargers" in their nickname, so I switched my pick to the Cardinals in the hopes of snagging second place for the week out of 40 people in the pick'em league.

Hopefully it pays off cause it would pay off two times over. I get money AND the Chargers lose! Ha!