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Broncos vs. Colts: Play of the Game

This will be a weekly fixture on Mile High Report. We give you the best plays from this past week, and you vote on which one you think is the best, pretty simple amirite?

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Bradley Roby saves the game


On 4th down with a touchdown lead, rookie corner Bradley Roby was locked one on one in the slot against Reggie Wayne.  Reggie gained separation off the snap, but Roby recovered and deflected Luck's last ditch effort to bring the Colts back from a 31-10 deficit.

Julius shows why you can't guard him with a LB


Julius is working the crossing route here and beats ILB D'Qwell Jackson bad.  He's wide open on a deep cross when Manning hits him right over the shoulder for a long TD.  Let this be a lesson, you cannot win with a LB against Thomas.

Luck shall not pass!


Nothing like seeing a swarm of Broncos thwart the sneaky efforts of ogre Andrew Luck.  I'm just glad the refs didn't blow the call and award the TD to Ahmad Bradshaw.

They call him Emmanuel


Manning put a little too much muscle into this throw, but Sanders absolutely owned the coverage here.  This is but one example of what his speed can add to the offense.

Irving is the new "MIKE"


Perfectly timed "A" gap blitz that Andrew Luck never saw coming.  A thing of beauty!

Rahim the dream, part 1


First of all, Aqib Talib had perfect coverage on TE Dwayne Allen.  He tips the ball into the waiting hands of Rahim Moore who correctly read the throw and is tracking the receiver.

His name is Quinton


Two things at work, Bradley Roby does a fantastic job of making up ground after being picked.  From there Carter steps up and ensures that Hakeem Nicks does not cross the goalline. Love the aggressiveness from both players.

Malik and Ware have a Luck sandwich


Malik flushes Luck out of the pocket and into the waiting arms of DeMarcus Ware on 3rd down.  Malik was playing with a heavy heart as his father had passed away just a week ago.

All right MHR, what's your vote for the week 1 play of the game?