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Denver Broncos Coaching Search: The Broncos want to interview Seattle Seahawks Defensive Coordinator Dan Quinn

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The Broncos coaching search is about to begin.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

According to ESPN's Adam Schefter the Denver Broncos want to interview Seattle Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quinn.

As Schefter points out in his tweet, every team with a coaching vacancy has Quinn high or atop their list and have already interviewed him. The Jets, Falcons, Bears and 49ers have all shown interest already, but Quinn will not be available to be hired until the Seahawks are eliminated from the playoffs this weekend or after the Super Bowl.

Dan Quinn has been the Seattle Seahawks defensive coordinator the past two seasons, and his defense has been the leagues best in those two seasons. Prior to that he was the defensive coordinator for the Florida Gators, and was the defensive line coach for the Seahawks.

We as Broncos fans have seen what a defense coached by Quinn is capable of on two occasions. Quinn's defense embarrassed the Broncos offense in the Super Bowl last year, and did the same again earlier this year outside of the late game heroics by Peyton Manning.

What Quinn is known for is getting the best out of his players, and his work along the defensive line. Quinn has been called a "tactician", and knows how to move his defensive line players around like chess pieces. Quinn also has a knack at evaluating talent along the defensive line and he knows what he needs to have success there.

The Broncos already have a talented defensive line, but they could be possibly losing Terrence Knighton to Free Agency and Sylvester Williams hasn't impressed much during his time with the Broncos. A coach like Quinn could get the best out of those guys, and use players like Malik JacksonDerek Wolfe, Von Miller and DeMarcus Ware as "chess pieces" like he did with his guys in Seattle.

Quinn will be the first of many coaches the Broncos will be connected too, but look for Quinn to be atop Denver Broncos General Manager John Elway's list when he's making a decision on who the new coach of his team is.

Defenses Under Quinn:


Yards per game: 273(1st in the NFL)

Points Per Game: 14.4(1st in the NFL)

Sacks: 44(T-8th in the NFL)

Interceptions: 28(1st in the NFL)

Forced Fumbles: 17(T-5th in the NFL)


Yards per game: 267(1st in the NFL)

Points per game: 15.9(1st in the NFL)

Sacks: 37(T-20 in the NFL)

Interceptions: 13(T-18 in the NFL)

Forced Fumbles: 18(T-5th in the NFL)