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John Fox's exit as Broncos coach was 'a long time coming'

Apparently there was some dysfunction inside the Broncos Front Office.

Isaiah Downing-USA TODAY Sports

According to Foxsport's Jay Glazer who is good friends with former Denver Broncos Head Coach John Fox, Fox and General Manager John Elway were not getting along.

Here's what Glazer had to say on Fox Sports One earlier tonight on the relationship between Fox and Elway via Pro Football Talk.

"This is not just something that happened because they lost in the playoffs,This is actually a situation that has been going on for quite some time and I said yesterday on FOX NFL Sunday, ‘There are teams that are looking at the Denver Broncos, because if they lose, John Fox might become available.’  The reason I said that is because I already knew that there was a chance that John Fox was going to come available, just because the working relationship there between he and John Elway, it wasn’t the greatest working relationship.  With John Elway and John Fox, it started off great, but then it started not working out.

This is interesting. Elway did give Fox a contract extension just last year after the Broncos made it to the Super bowl. I find it hard to believe that Elway would give a contract extension to a coach who he's not getting a long with. What I find more interesting is that Glazer goes on to say that the relationship between Elway and the entire coaching staff was not very good.

"John Elway looked at this season as, ‘This is all or nothing, with what we spent, you’ve got to go win us a Super Bowl.’  And the relationship between Elway, not just with Fox, but with the entire coaching staff, they both needed a split from each other."

It was evident that Elway viewed this season as "all or nothing" when he signed T.J. Ward, DeMarcus Ware, and Aqib Talib this offseason, and he had high expectations for this team. It sounds like to me he was not liking what he was seeing from the coaches. What specifically he did not like we can only guess on, but my guess would be the lack of preparation, being out coached, and the lack of creativity and adjustments by the coaching staff this season.

Elway wasn't happy, so he decided to blow it up and start brand new.