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John Elway gives Denver Broncos a sharp course correction - Horse Tracks

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There is no question that John Elway was not happy with the direction John Fox was leading the Denver Broncos and made the decision he felt was necessary to steer the franchise back in the direction Elway feels will lead them to the promised land.

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We're here to win Super Bowls, people. Not run a country club for a bunch of millionaires. There are good General Managers and bad ones. I think John Elway is one of the good ones based on everything he has done since coming back to the NFL.

Here was the problem. This team has talent, but in big games they were coming up small. Lackadaisical even. Like they were there to play a game, but not really there to win it. We all felt that at times and it was beyond frustrating. This team needs a man driven to win, because that is the kind of man that is currently running the show. This country club crap just isn't going to cut it in Denver. Period.

The next head coach of the Denver Broncos must be a man who has that kind of mentality, because that is the only mentality that John Elway will be able to relate too. John Fox is a players coach. His guys love him. His guys are very unhappy people right now. However, a coach also needs to be hard on players when necessary and that was something Fox just doesn't have within him.

And that's okay. That style will work just fine with the Chicago Bears or wherever he ends up. For the Denver Broncos, its never say die. It's never say never. It's play through to the whistle and until the final clock ticks down to 0:00. That is El-Way. That is the Bronco Way. Take it or leave it.

All that said, I appreciate what John Fox did for this organization. He brought stability and respectability to a franchise that had just gone through the most tumultuous time since the 1960s with the debacle that was Josh McDaniels. He established a culture of respect that should not be diminished.

However, I commend Elway for recognizing the shortcomings of Fox in the long term and rather than play the nice guy and let he other nice guy continue being a nice guy to his players and staff, he cut bait with the nice guy. It sucks. No one ever wants to see a nice guy get shit on, but this is about one thing: Winning a Super Bowl.

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