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Broncos coaching search: 49ers may be in bidding war for Adam Gase

The San Francisco 49ers are "serious" about making Adam Gase their next head coach. But the Denver Broncos are "confident" they'll still get a chance to meet with Gase.

Adam Gase's headshot as a 49ers assistant in 2008.
Adam Gase's headshot as a 49ers assistant in 2008.
Getty Images/Getty Images

Adam Gase is now the hottest name in Colorado. San Francisco 49ers officials are in Denver for a second interview to possibly make him their next head coach, Jeff Darlington of the NFL Network reports.

Darlington continues that the meetings could last as many as eight hours, but that the Broncos and John Elway are still "confident" they'll get a chance to speak with Gase. But a 49ers source says San Francisco intends to seal the deal.

This is all even more interesting due to reports from the Denver Post and Sports Illustrated - possibly speculative - that the Broncos are not seriously interested in Gase as head coach, and will likely look externally in their coaching search. With reports that Peyton Manning and Gase are tied at the hip, Mike Florio of PFT wonders aloud whether the Broncos wouldn't be thankful for San Fran for taking that awkward situation off their hands.

The bidding war of Adam Gase may end up being a game of chess, and the biggest move will be John Elway's. Is he serious about Gase? Does he merely want to keep his options open? Is he feigning interest in order to appease Peyton Manning?

We may never know for sure if the 49ers hire Adam Gase today. But if they don't, the ball will be in Elway's court.