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John Elway was frustrated that Broncos didn't go down "kicking and screaming"

Denver's G.M. never gave up on the football field. He's frustrated that these Broncos did, but he's determined to make things right.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Broncos general manager John Elway addressed the media at the team's Dove Valley facility on Tuesday to discuss the team's future after mutually agreeing to part ways with John Fox.

Elway emphasized that peaking at the right time is important — finishing strong is key, something Fox failed to do in each of his four seasons in Denver. "There is a huge jump from just getting (to the Super Bowl) and having the ability to win it," Elway said.

The Broncos appeared to sometimes have a nonchalant demeanor under Fox, and that frustrated Elway.

"I think if there is one thing that you would like to have and you want to feel—at least in the last game you want to feel like you go out kicking and screaming. When you’re right there and I think two years in a row it didn’t feel like we went out kicking and screaming because of the fact the way we played the last game. So therefore hopefully we get that turned around," Elway said.

It's clear that Elway is seeking a coach as competitive and passionate as he is.

Elway's frustration is well-warranted.

During C.J. Anderson's fourth down run on Sunday, several Broncos players were standing around or showing little effort. Had Anderson received one more block, he likely would have scored on the play.

Elway doesn't want his players going down without a fight, and he's seeking a new head coach that will share his never give up mentality. That's a start in the right direction.