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Denver Broncos Coaching Search: Broncos requested permission to interview with Lions Defensive Coordinator Teryl Austin

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The Broncos want to interview Detroit Lions defensive coordinator Teryl Austin.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

According to ESPN's Adam Schefter the Denver Broncos have requested permission to interview with Detroit Lions Defensive Coordinator Teryl Austin.

Austin finished up his first season as the Detroit Lions Defensive Coordinator, and had some pretty good success. He led the Lions defense to be 2nd in total yards, 3rd in scoring, 8th most sacks(42) in the league, and 3rd most interceptions(20) in the league. He turned a middle of the road defense into one of the best units in the NFL.

Austin is praised for having a "unique talent" at identifying a players strengths put them in situations where those strengths are accentuated. He's also praised for being a great in game tactician.

Detroit Lions General Manager Martin Mayhew praised Austin for the way he turned around the teams defense during his first year at Defensive Coordinator

"Teryl’s done a phenomenal job, as you guys know, I mean, for us to be No. 1 in rushing defense and I think we’re No. 3 in scoring defense this year. He did a phenomenal job with the group and I think he has a lot of ability. I think he’s certainly capable of being a head coach in the NFL. I think I said that when he got here that at some point he’d have an opportunity to do that. He’s certainly worthy of the opportunity."

Detroit Lions Head Coach Jim Caldwell also had some nice things to say about Austin.

"He has all of the qualities that you’re looking for, I think without question, he has two of the things I think for dynamic leadership that you’re looking at are precepts and percepts. One, the precepts being the technical knowledge and being able to understand exactly what you’re doing in your chosen profession. He’s excellent at that.The percepts are, does he have the emotional sort of connection with his players to sort of get them to do what he wants to? Does he have it when he needs it? He has that. I think, not only that, he does a great job in terms of handling the media which is very important in this particular job. I fail at that quite often, he excels at it."

Austin is gaining some interest around the league. He's scheduled to meet with the Atlanta Falcons for the second time this week, and he's also set to meet with the Chicago Bears.

Background Info:

Austin began his career in coaching by landing a position as a graduate assistant at Penn State in 91. In 93, he accompanied Jim Caldwell to Wake Forest where he served as secondary coach. Austin went on to serve on the coaching staffs at Syracuse and Michigan before joining the Seattle Seahawks' staff in 03, helping Seattle advance to Super Bowl XL in 06.

He then joined the Arizona Cardinals coaching staff as coach of defensive backs in 2007. He helped the team reach Super Bowl XLIII in 2009.

He then had coaching stints with the Florida Gators under Urban Meyer, and then with the Baltimore Ravens as a defensive backs coach and was apart of their Super Bowl winning team that defeated the San Francisco 49ers.