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49ers might be close to naming Adam Gase head coach

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Conflicting reports, folks!

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Both Denver Broncos coordinators from 2013-2014 appear to be headed to the Bay Area and could have deals done by the end of the day.

Shortly after reports broke of Jack Del Rio closing up a deal in Oakland, Denver radio host Nate Lundy dropped this news.

Mike Florio of PFT himself dropped this conflicting report a few minutes later.

Gase, who has been highly touted by Peyton Manning as a great head coaching candidate, had his second interview with the 49ers on Tuesday, the day after John Fox and the Broncos parted ways.

If the conflicting reports turn out to side with the 49ers, Gase would be making a return to San Francisco, where he spent time as an offensive assistant in the 2008 season. During his six years in Denver, Gase served as WR coach, QB coach, and most recently as offensive coordinator.

With both Gase and Del Rio likely/potentially heading to different teams, the Broncos will look like an entirely different team coaching-wise in 2015. If Gase leaves, the biggest question will be how much his potential departure impacts Peyton Manning's decision to return to Denver (or not) for a fourth year.