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Broncos coaching search: Adam Gase, John Elway meet about head-coach job Wednesday

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Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Adam Gase has had two interviews with the San Francisco 49ers and may be close to a deal to become their next head coach. But John Elway isn't letting him out of the building just yet.

While it isn't being called an "interview," the Denver Post is reporting that Gase met with John Elway Wednesday morning specifically to talk about the head-coaching gig. That's after Gase went through a reported "marathon" interview session with the 49ers Tuesday.

Lombardi continues that Elway has not made Gase an offer, and the two had "frank discussions" about the head coach opening.

Gase, along with defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio, are candidates for the Broncos head coach job, John Elway said Tuesday. Gase has spent six years with the Broncos, the last two as offensive coordinator. Four NFL teams requested interviews with Gase for head coach openings during the Broncos' playoff bye two weeks ago.