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49ers set to make Jim Tomsula their head coach (and not Adam Gase)

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Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Something very strange - perhaps some things - happened with Adam Gase in Denver over the past 48 hours.

  • The San Francisco 49ers met with Denver Broncos offensive coordinator Adam Gase for a "marathon" interview Tuesday, in Denver.
  • According to reports Wednesday, they were very close to making him their next head coach (one Denver radio host even reported they had agreed to terms).
  • Gase met with John Elway Wednesday morning to talk about the Denver Broncos head coaching job. Let's not call it an interview. More of a pre-interview.
  • Then, out of nowhere Wednesday afternoon, Adam Schefter tweets that the 49ers are set to promote DL coach Jim Tomsula from within as their next head coach.

What the hell happened between the reports that the 49ers were signing Gase and this afternoon's news from Schefter? Did Gase turn the Niners down? Did the Niners pass on Gase? What does this mean for the Broncos, Elway, and Peyton Manning?

... Wait, you wanted an answer? I'm asking you, the commenters, because I have no idea. Stay tuned...