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Broncos players tweet in support of Jack Del Rio; will they follow him to Oakland?

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Will Denver's defensive free agents follow Del Rio to Oakland?

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

After former Broncos defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio signed on to become the next head coach of the Raiders yesterday, three Denver plays took to Twitter to praise JDR.

Of note, all three of the players are defenders, and two of those players will be free agents this summer (Omar Bolden will be in the final year of his contract).

We know Knighton wants to be a Bronco, even a "Bronco for life." But if John Elway doesn't make an effort to keep Pot Roast, the veteran defensive tackle would likely follow Del Rio to Oakland.

Marshall's contract is up, but he said earlier this week that he expects to return in 2015. He was a childhood Broncos fan, and he wants to stay in Denver.

With that said, there has been speculation that if Del Rio and Adam Gase land head coaching jobs elsewhere, they would be in a competition with each other to scalp notable Denver players and coaches to build their own rosters and staffs.

Now that Gase is out of the running for the 49ers job, there's an increased chance that he will stay in Denver—either as offensive coordinator or with a promotion to head coach. There's no guarantee that he'll stay, but it's more likely now than it was yesterday. The Jaguars are among several teams that want to talk to him as a potential offensive coordinator candidate, but they would need permission from Denver to do so.

Del Rio seems primed to steal away at least a handful of Denver's players (and perhaps coaches). We'll soon know if Gase will give him any competition.