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Horse Tracks: Jaguars and Raiders interested in Gase as their Offensive Coordinator?

Good Morning Broncos Country

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Networks Jeff Darlington tweeted last night that the Jacksonville Jaguars would like to speak too current Denver Broncos Offensive Coordinator Adam Gase.

As Darlington points out the head coaching positions are starting to fill, and teams are starting to view Gase as a potential offensive coordinator candidate for their team.

The Jaguars have a young quarterback in Blake Bortles who could use a coordinator like Adam Gase to help his development. The Jaguars in general have a young offense, so Gase, who has shown he can lead a top-ranked offense, would be a good addition to Gus Bradley's staff.

The Jaguars are not the only team that is apparently interested in Gase's services as an Offensive Coordinator. The Oakland Raiders who just signed former Denver Broncos Defensive Coordinator Jack Del Rio to be their new Head Coach are apparently interested in Gase as well.

The Broncos would have to grant permission to both of these teams to speak to Gase first since he is still under contract with the team. It's unknown if either has put in a formal request or if they will at all as well.

Update 8:30 ET:

The Rams want to speak to Gase too.

Sure sounds like Gase is available, and not in the hunt to be our head coach or offensive coordinator.

What does this mean for Gase?:

I believe news like this eliminates Gase as a head coaching candidate for the Broncos. Why would teams have interest in Gase as an offensive coordinator if he's expected to interview for the Broncos head coaching vacancy?

It does leave the door open for the Broncos to retain Gase as their offensive coordinator, but it would be an odd move to make since they're still without a head coach.

It will be interesting to see what the Broncos do with Gase, and how it ends up affecting the status of Peyton Manning.

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