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Horse Tracks: Vance Joseph to be Gary Kubiaks Defensive Coordinator if he's hired?

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Good Morning Broncos Country!

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

CBS's Jason La Canfora reported late yesterday that Head Coaching candidate Vance Joseph would be the top candidate to be Gary Kubiak's Defensive Coordinator if he's hired by the Broncos.

Joseph served as a Defensive Backs coach for Gary Kubiak while he was the Head Coach of the Houston Texans. When Houston switched up Head Coaches last season Joseph went to Cincinnati, and was considered a great pick-up for them because of his potential.

Joseph is considered a "coach on the rise" in many league circles, and according to ESPN's Jeff Legwold it would not be a surprise if he became a Head Coach for a team next year or the year after.

One of Joseph's best traits is his ability to teach technique to his defensive backs.

"I consider myself a very positive coach in the way I work with players, and I put a lot of stress on great technique, I believe I can get those technique points across very well."

Joseph's coaching translated to the field for the Bengals secondary in 2014. The Bengals defense was among the best teams in preventing deep touchdown passes, and the Bengals secondary was one of five teams who allowed three touchdowns or fewer that traveled at 20 yards in the air. He really improved the Bengals secondary without much help from the teams pass rush.

Bengals Head Coach Marvin Lewis has quite the list of coaches who have served under him who have had success in the NFL as a Head Coach and/or as a Coordinator. If the Broncos hire Joseph as a Head Coach or Coordinator he could join this list as successful coaches who have served under Marvin Lewis.

Now keep in mind this is all hypothetical for now. Kubiak remains the heavy favorite for the Broncos job, but Joseph's addition as Defensive Coordinator remains just speculation for now.

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