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Gary Kubiak adds Rick Dennison and Brian Pariani to his coaching staff

Rico is coming back to Denver!

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

According to Mike Klis of the Denver Post(and many others) Denver Broncos Head Coach Gary Kubiak has added Rick Dennison and Brian Pariani to his coaching staff.

It should come to no surprise that Rick Dennison is following Kubiak back to Denver. Dennison played linebacker for the Broncos for nine years, and then coached for 15 years for the Broncos before joining Kubiak's staff in Houston. There was Kubiak's Offensive Coordinator. After Kubiak was fired, he followed him to Baltimore and served as the teams Quarterback Coach. Now he's coming back to Denver to be the teams Offensive Coordinator replacing Adam Gase.

Dennison knows Gary Kubiak's better then anyone(except for Kubiak of course), and will help install Kubiak's zone blocking, run orientated, bootleg, play action offense that Kubiak is famous for.

Also joining the Broncos staff is Brian Pariani. He was Kubiak's tight end Coach during his entire tenure in Houston, and held the same position in Baltimore where Kubiak served as the Offensive Coordinator. Pariani will replace Clancy Barone as the teams Tight End's coach. According to Klis the team will try to retain Barone to be the teams Offensive line coach. He taught the Zone Blocking scheme to the Atlanta Falcons offensive line and tight ends from 2004 to 2006. One other coach who the Broncos want to retain is wide receivers coach Tyke Tolbert.

Another familiar name could be rejoining the Denver Broncos Coaching Staff. There's a good chance that the Broncos may bring back zone-blocking guru Alex Gibbs to be an Offensive Consultant under Kubiak.

Who's staying who's going:

Whenever a new Head Coach is hired there's often a lot of turnover on the coaching staff. So far here's everything we know on who might be joining, staying, and who might be going or has already left.

  • Quarterbacks Coach Greg Knapp is very familiar with Kubiak/Dennison's offense, and has a chance to return as the teams Quarterback coach. However he and Adam Gase are both candidates to replace Kubiak as the Baltimore Ravens Offensive Coordinator
  • Jeff Rodgers who served as the Special Teams Coach under former Head Coach John Fox has followed Fox to Chicago and will be the Bears Special Teams coach.
  • Defensive Backs Coach Cory Undlin will be joining the Philadelphia Eagles coaching staff and be their Defensive Backs Coach.
  • Current Linebackers Coach Richard Smith served as Kubiak's Defensive Coordinator from 2004 to 2006, but was eventually fired from that position. According to Klis he has multiple offers to join other coaching staffs, but he could also stay with the Broncos.
  • As for Running Backs coach Eric Studesville, there has been reports that he has a chance to return to the team. However there hasn't been anything definite about his status with the Broncos just yet.
  • As for the Defensive Coordinator position, it still appears that Vance Joseph is the man for the job. I see a lot of you wanting Jim Schwartz and a few other guys but Joseph will more then likely be our next Defensive Coordinator. His Head Coaching interview satisfied the Rooney Rule, and also he was really interviewing for the Defensive Coordinator position.