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You should be excited about Gary Kubiak and the Denver Broncos - Horse Tracks

If you are not stoked about the new marriage between Gary Kubiak and the Denver Broncos, then you are ignoring some very important facts about what John Elway is trying to achieve here in Denver. So pay attention, because this is all about winning from now on.

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All of the negative talk surrounding Gary Kubiak - what little of it there is - and his hiring as head coach of the Denver Broncos seems to center around his losing record as a head coach. Making ones mind up after a cursory glance at some random statistic without providing yourself with any bit of context is one hell of a lazy way to pass judgment on things.

Here is that particular stat: 61 wins, 64 losses. Plus another two wins and two losses in the playoffs.

A lazy person looks at that and immediately decides the guy is a below-average head coach and undeserving of such a high post with a gold-standard franchise like the Denver Broncos.

Now let's force that lazy person to receive a fresh dose of context to that win-loss record, shall we?

Houston Texans Pre-Gary Kubiak
2002 4 12 .250 32 16
2003 5 11 .313 31 31
2004 7 9 .438 19 23
2005 2 14 .125 30 31
Houston Texans With Gary Kubiak
2006 6 10 .375 28 24
2007 8 8 .500 14 24
2008 8 8 .500 3 22
2009 9 7 .563 4 13
2010 6 10 .375 3 30
2011 10 6 .625 13 2
2012 12 4 .750 7 7

When you have this full picture, any person can see that the Houston Texans were an awful football team prior to Gary Kubiak coming aboard. Dealing with that disaster, Kubiak was able to turn the entire franchise around in five seasons. His arrival instantly made the team a mostly .500 football club, but eventually he would turn them into a playoff contender.

I disregarded his final half season of the catastrophic 2013 season which found Kubiak getting fired before the season was over, because who knew Matt Schuab would fall from grace so utterly completely? The guy went from a Pro Bowl quarterback to a bum in the span of 12 months.

My point is that he took a franchise that was losing as much as the Oakland Raiders over the last decade and immediately stepped in to make them a competitive .500 football team, then took a few AFC South division titles. Does anyone actually think Kubiak was going to win a Super Bowl with Matt Schaub?

If Peyton Manning wants another world championship, he should definitely return to the Denver Broncos in 2015 and maybe even for 2016. This is the kind of GM/HC combo that produces multiple championships. It's time for the lazy among us to accept that and get excited about it.

When he’s behind the scenes, he’s emotional, he’s intense, he’s inspiring and that’s the way people say here that he was. -Frank Bush, Assistant Coach

And if all that still doesn't change your mind, then take the word of Frank Bush, one of his former coaches in Denver, who was a coach with him in Houston, "Man, the Koobs you guys see is not the Koobs we see. When he’s behind the scenes, he’s emotional, he’s intense, he’s inspiring and that’s the way people say here that he was. There’s going to be no problem to get people fired up behind the scenes."

So in other words, Gary Kubiak is surely not lackadaisical like John Fox is known to be when it comes to getting players ready to play hard in big games. I am convinced that weakness in Fox is the reason this team has been unable to win a Super Bowl since Peyton Manning came to town.

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