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Report: Peyton Manning wants to return to the Denver Broncos in 2015 pending a physical

Will the Broncos be getting their Future Hall Of Fame Quarterback back in 2015?

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

According to The Denver Post's Woody Paige, Broncos Quarterback Peyton Manning wants to return to the Broncos in 2015, but won't and cannot make his final decision until he passes an annual physical examination mandated by his contract.

The Denver Broncos have requested that Manning inform the team of his decision before March 9. There is language in his contract that if he is on the Broncos roster on the last day of the league year (March 9) that his $19 million cap number for 2015 is fully guaranteed.

Manning had multiple neck surgeries before joining the Denver Broncos, and has been checked after each season to see if his neck would still be able to withstand the beating of an NFL season. Also, Manning is coming off one or two thigh injuries(depends on who you believe) which looked to impair Manning's ability to throw the ball accurately and with velocity. So it will be interesting to see how the soon to be 39-year old quarterback is physically.

During the Broncos season ending press conference General Manager John Elway unsurprisingly said that he hopes that Peyton will return in 2015, and Head Coach Gary Kubiak says that he has already spoken to Manning a few times, and wants to be the best support system he can be for Manning.

The thing I want to do, I want to be the best support system I can be for Peyton. But yes we’ve had some very good conversations and we’ll have many more."

However, It appears there are some conflicting reports on whether Manning needs to pass a physical first before returning to the Broncos. ESPN's Jeff Legwold tweeted out despite reports that Manning needed to pass a physical to return to the Broncos like he had to after the 12 and 13 seasons that he does not have to pass one to re-join the Broncos.

Legwold goes on to say that Manning's contract is fully guaranteed only if he's on the roster on the last day of the league year, and no physical is needed.

All this means is that if Peyton receives a physical from someone other then the Broncos medical staff that it is Peyton's choice and not required because of his contract.

At the end of the day, all that matters is if Manning wants to continue his professional career, and if he can continue to do it physically. There's conflicting reports on whether or not he's required to have a physical before returning to the Broncos, but it's safe to say that Manning and the Broncos will do everything in their power to make sure he's mentally and physically able to continue.