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Denver Broncos News: Horse Tracks - Cheaters never prosper unless they're from New England

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Good Morning Broncos Country!

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The New England Cheatreots

Say you're the best team in your conference. You just defeated a foe by 38 points and as a result are Super Bowl bound. You are widely lauded as one of the best coached, well ran organizations in the NFL. But you are in the midst of yet another scandal that clouds and detracts from another successful run.

The outcome of the game likely would have been the same had Brady's balls not been deflated. Yet you did it anyway.

Going back to spygate, you contend that your actions did not provide a significant edge...yet you did it anyway.

My question is why?

If you're one of the best coached, well-run organizations that gets the most out of it's roster, why is there the need to push the envelope when it comes to the rules?

It paints the picture of an organization that is willing to win at all costs even if it costs them their integrity along the way.

In New England, it's not merely "Just win baby" it's "By any means necessary"

This is why the entire NFL hates your organization and why anything you accomplish will always be wrapped in controversy.

Call it the Patriot way.

Thank you John Elway for not dragging our organization through the mud.

Top playoff games in Broncos history

What'is your list of best Broncos games in playoff history?

Here's mine:

SB 32

2013 AFCCG

SB 33

2012 AFC WC

Broncos Oilers (The Drive II)

Now for the ugly playoff losses...

2012 divisional

1996 Divisional (Jax)

Super Bowl 48

1990 AFCCG (Elway left game with injury, Treadwell missed 3 field goals)

Super Bowl 24

Horse Tracks

Broncos' Terrance Knighton, other NFL players react to DeflateGate
NFL players weighed in on Deflate Gate, the league's investigation of whether the Patriots deflated 11 of their 12 footballs in their AFC Championship victory over the Colts.

Kiszla: King Brady is made of Teflon - The Denver Post
Tom Brady is too good to be true. At age 37, the sexy quarterback of the New England Patriots looks cool, whether wearing a championship ring on his finger or Uggs on his feet. He married a supermodel straight from the pages of the Victoria's Secret catalogue. And his hair is perfect.

Klis: Marvin Lewis should step up for Vance Joseph's progress - The Denver Post
It's time for Cincinnati Bengals coach Marvin Lewis to step up and be heard on behalf of his defensive backs coach, Vance Joseph.

Von Miller top Broncos player selected in Pro Bowl draft - The Denver Post
Von Miller leads Broncos Pro Bowl draft selections

Sherman: Brady called Seahawks 'nobodies' in 2012 -
Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman told reporters Wednesday that his 2012 confrontation with Tom Brady bubbled up after the Patriots quarterback disrespected the Seahawks.

John Elway: Broncos thinking about more than Peyton Manning's decision - ESPN
The Denver Broncos have 17 players scheduled to be free agents this offseason

Lessons learned: Long list of free agents means change is on the way - AFC West Blog - ESPN

John Elway has said he likes the team's current roster, but there figures to be more change than usual this offseason.

Gary Kubiak continues to work to fill out coaching staff - AFC West Blog - ESPN
Gary Kubiak said Tuesday he wants to finish out his coaching staff "as soon as I possibly can."

Hall of Famers Cris Carter, Michael Irvin positive on Kubiak's fit
Hall of Fame wide receivers and NFL analysts Cris Carter and Michael Irvin discussed their thoughts on the Broncos' new head coach, and how his skills will benefit the team.

Pro Bowl Draft pits Talib vs. Sanders
The matchups are set for Sunday in Phoenix for the Pro Bowl as the draft sent many of the Broncos to separate teams.

Players, Kubiak start getting to know each other
New Broncos Head Coach Gary Kubiak has begun to make his rounds contacting players, and in turn, they're excited to begin working with him.

If Peyton Manning returns, Kubiak 'looking forward to learning that style'
New Head Coach Gary Kubiak knows the best way to get results is to play to the strengths of his players -- which the Broncos hope includes Manning in the 2015 season.